Saturday, June 18, 2011

No pain, No gain - Part 2

Since I wasn't producing enough milk to satisfy Yohann's hunger, my nips were cracked and hurting like hell, and Yohann's cries were already heartbreaking to hear, we already started feeding him formula. A nurse friend also told me to let the nips heal first before continuing with breastfeeding. I took that piece of advice with gratitude as by this time, they already hurt too much it was traumatic for me to even see Yohann wanting to take my nips into his mouth! Haha.

I felt good when I finally saw Yohann feeding, sucking on his bottle like there's no tomorrow. But I felt guilty too, especially when well-meaning friends cheered me on to just continue with breastfeeding, no matter how much it hurt. I had decided then that after taking the malunggay capsules and my sisters' concoctions and the milk would start to come in in copious amounts, that I would return to my original plan of exclusive breastfeeding and no formula. But several days later, it still wasn't working and Yohann seemed to respond well to his milk. I admit I almost gave up on breastfeeding, especially when I tried pumping milk and all I got was several drops after almost an hour. My breasts were already painful, and my hands numb but I didn't even get a single ounce of milk! It was discouraging, to say the least. It frustrated me, and made me feel like I wasn't doing a good enough job.

Thankfully, before I completely gave up on breastfeeding, I noticed that my breasts began to feel fuller and heavier; milk started to come out even when I wasn't feeding Yohann. I even felt feverish one day, and I realized this was because I was lactating and the milk wasn't being consumed. So I tried getting the baby to latch on me again. Little by little, the milk came in and I started pumping again. The first time I was able to produce 2 ounces, I wanted to jump for joy! 

Since then, my milk had consistently grown in supply. We adapted mixed-feeding with Yohann, gradually decreasing his formula intake as my milk supply increased. Just before he turned two months old last June 3, he decided he didn't want any more formula milk and wanted more and more of mommy's milk. So now, I exclusively breastfeed Yohann, and it looks like we're doing a good job out of it as he's grown so much heavier and bigger. He doesn't look like a two month old baby and he is fast out-growing his clothes. I therefore conclude that breast milk really is best for babies :) 


  1. kung ikaw nahirapan magproduce ng milk, pano pa kaya ako?!? hahaha. pero good job meimei, dami kong kakilala ang bilis mag-give up sa ganyan. :D

  2. haha, wala sa size yan! may nabasa ako as in flat-chested sha pero daming milk :p tiyagaan lang talaga at commitment.

    sayang naman kasi nasa bahay lang ako dapat pakinabangan na nang husto ni yohann ang milk ko :)