Tuesday, June 14, 2011

when i'm feeling blue...

...all i have to do is take a look at you, then i'm not so blue..

how can you not smile when you see him sleeping
so peacefully, and his pata so chubby? :p

First-time mommies like me will admit having spent the first few days just staring and staring at their newborn. The first night Yohann was roomed-in with me, I didn't sleep. I watched over him the entire night to make sure he would not stop breathing lol! I did not even feel sleepy or tired the whole night, but the following morning was a different story :p

Watching over the little one is something moms love and are excited to do. At least for the first few weeks. After a month and a half of doing just that, instead of taking away the blues, it brought in a different shade of this heavenly color - the postpartum ones aptly named postpartum depression (PPD). I had blogged about my experience with this here.

Thankfully, I am no longer under the spell of this PPD thing, no longer feeling stressed out and frustrated, though I still take care of the little one all by myself on most days. But I still get tired, specially now that Yohann's grown so big and heavy. But I've fortified myself with weapons for when the enemy called PPD decides to attack again. 

Yohann's my number one weapon. Talking to him now is such a joy as he coos and smiles and answers back, as if he can already understand what I'm saying. When I talk to him, he gazes at me with his big bright eyes and I know he's listening and waiting for me to speak. Now, that chases the blues away in no time! 

We're also blessed to be living near a park. When the weather's good and there's not a hint of rain, I take the baby boy with me for a walk. This is good exercise for me as Yohann likes to keep moving. I walk him around several times, and pause only for a minute or two as he would start squirming in his seat when we're parked too long. Lol. Exercise is a good way to boost the mood and beat depression.

Some other days we would just wake up and decide that we're going out and visit Yohann's cousins or Lola Polly or Lola Rosie. When the hubby is at work during the day, we can go visit my sisters who, fortunately, live just a few minutes away from us. Yohann already likes going out and seeing his cousins, and I love how they love him too :) They say it takes an entire village to raise a child, and I'm taking that further to the next village where most of my relatives and loved ones live. Haha. Human company is definitely a mood booster!

I've also got he best human company to help me take care of Yohann - his daddy Mon. I appreciate how he is a hands-on dad, and doesn't think twice about helping me with the baby even when he just got home from work. Knowing that he'll never get tired of taking care of Yohann and me is something that I am most grateful for.

At the end of the day, the most powerful weapon in my arsenal is still Prayer. Knowing that I have God to hear me and help us in rearing our child is just the assurance that I need. Now, I just pray for wisdom in raising up our boy, and faith to believe that all things will work together for good and I have no need to be anxious or depressed at all.

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