Monday, June 20, 2011

multitasker extraordinaire!

Being a mom has taught me to hone some of my survival skills, the most important of which is multitasking, the ability to do several things at the same time. As I am alone most days, I have no choice but to learn some new tricks. Here are some examples of multitasking skills I just recently acquired:

1. Eat + breastfeed. With my one arm I hold Yohann, with the other I hold a spoon. Or just eat with my hands, whichever is more convenient.

2. Blog + breastfeed. I type with my right hand and hold the baby with the other. Takes me 48 years to finish a post :p.

3. Laundry + take care of baby. This one needs careful planning. I sort out the clothes beforehand, feed and let the baby sleep, load the washing machine, when baby wakes up I run back to take care of him, when baby takes a nap go back to rinsing the laundry. Loop 3 times until clothes are all washed. Which is probably a day or two.

4. Laundry + cook meals + take care of baby. In between doing the laundry and taking care of the baby, I do get hungry and will occasionally find time to cook something to eat.

5. Breastfeed + Sing + Dance. In order to make Yohann sleep, I occasionally have to do this.

I probably will add some more new tricks in the months to come :p

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