Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bebe's growing up

Six Five more days and Yohann will be three months old already. How time flies! And he's changed a lot too.  His arms and legs are so chubby, his face is rounder and bigger, and so is his tummy. He's so heavy that it only takes 10 minutes for me to grow tired when I'm standing up and carrying him. Ke bigat!

He's learned new tricks as well. Every morning when he wakes up, he'll look at me and wait for me to smile and greet him good morning. As soon as I do, he'll make a wiggling motion complete with a big smile on his face and gurgling sounds, like he wants to laugh. He can't laugh yet, but he makes those tiny screams whenever I tickle him or make faces at him. When I sit him against my legs and talk to him, he coos and smiles and gurgles and screams in delight, hehe. It's as if he can understand when we talk to him because he answers. The other night too, while humming and dancing him to sleep, he kept staring at me while he was feeding. When I kept on humming, he started to hum with me! Too cute!:D Next thing I know he'll be humming himself to sleep :p

morning chat with mommy
One good thing about Yohann now is that he's awake for longer periods during the day and already enjoys playtime. I can put him down on the mattress and he'll stare at everything, kick and flail his arms and talk to his 'toys.' By toys I mean not the usual baby stuff, but the wall clock, the strings on his cradle, the calendar and the curtain :p They bring him  such fun he screams in delight when he's in the mood for them. When he gets tired of that, I carry him on my lap and let him watch Baby Einstein. He loves it! He was able to watch one 15 minute segment straight until he got too tired. 

watching Baby Einstein
I can't wait for the little munchkin to grow up and start talking, he's already such a babbler. I can't wait to take him to Kid's Church at VCF. But at the same time I can't imagine the thought of him all grown up and no longer a baby! Haha. Okay, I have to end here, the little boy's already screaming for mummy. :p


  1. Gawan mo siya ng Milestones every month. Hehe.


  2. uy, good idea, chalamat! tignan mo pwede ka na magka-anak. haha!

  3. subukan mo munaaaaa. hahaha!

  4. ang laki na nyaaaaaa! sana makadalaw kami ulet. hihihi :)

  5. uu, ambilis lumaki. nakakangalay na! haha. dalaw kayo uli! :)