Thursday, June 23, 2011

When Daddy cries

Yohann's almost monthly vaccination led us to research on immunization schedules, the vaccines being administered, and the price of each. So far, Yohann's had two shots of Hepa-B, BCG and the 5-in-1 thing. I tell you, they don't come cheap! :p

Yohann smiling in his sleep; 'la lang gusto ko lang i-share :p

Take for example his Hepa-B shot. This costs Php 1,000 per shot, and will be administered in 3 doses (do the math -- 1K x 3 = 3K). The 5-in-1 cost Php 2,500, I forgot how much the BCG shot cost. This weekend, he's getting his first dose of Rotateq - something for gastrointestinal health - which will cost Php 2,500. This is supposedly given in 3 doses, too.

We weren't sure if our pedia's charging us just the right amount so we did some research thru the net.  Sample prices:

BCG 750
HIB 1,800
Pentaxim 7,500 (3doses)
Rotateq 7,000 (2doses)
Flu 1,600 (2dose)
Measles 900
Hepa B 1,600

We couldn't help but laugh at the prices! This was from a Makati Med pedia, I think. Most of the vaccines will be given in two or three doses, some of them will be packaged together (5-in-1 and 6-in-1), and all of them are given at regular intervals, i.e. monthly. In our case, this means that every month we need to allot at least Php 3,000 and Php 5,000 at most for Yohann's immunization.

Raising a child is no cheap business. Yohann's already brave enough not to cry so much when the injection's done, but his Daddy is another story. This early, he's already starting to cry :p

Good thing is, God provides for all our needs. Hindi pa naman kami nagugutom, nananaba pa nga. Thank you, Lord! :)


  1. God is the best provider talaga. thank you Lord =)

    mei, sa amin eto prices ng vaccine:

    BCG - kasama sya sa package nung pinanganak. pati yung vitamin K at first dose ng hepa b

    hepa B - 1000 x 3 shots (buti ok na yung una)

    pentaxim/5-in-1 - 2800 x3. infanrix yung brand na nakuha namin. ang kasama dito ay HiB, DTP at IPV. di ko alam kung ano yung IPV...

    rotavirus - 3000 x 2 shots. meron yung isang brand, 3 shots naman. eto we made the mistake naumoo lang ng umoo sa pedia. late we knew optional lang sya and bf babies don't really need it.

    ngayon we stopped having coco vaccinated for a number of reasonsss. believe me financial is the least of it =) mejo alangan si ten pero nag-agree kami we'll be back nalang after coco turns 2.

  2. thanks sa info chex! :)

    actually, sabi ko nga agad, bakit kelangan pa ng anti-diarrhea eh breastfed naman si yohann? madumi ba gatas ko? haha. pero naisip ko din baka makakuha ng dumi sa kakasubo ng hands niya kaya baka i-go na namin.

    gusto ko talaga mag-research sa mga vaccines na yan, may theory kasi ako dati na hindi naman ganyan kadami mga bakuna nung panahon ng mga lola natin (kung meron na nga) pero bakit di uso ang ADHD, autism, etc. hehe. theory ko lang.

    kayo, why forego niyo na vaccines ni Coco? :)

  3. hello chex! thanks for sharing. halos pareho lang tayo ng rates, + or - 300 or something lang. yung rotavirus shots i guess you're referring to rotateq at rotarix. sa totoo lang napapa-oo na lang din kami ni mei sa mga pedia by default pero after reading some forums and comments like yours medyo napapaisip na din kami. but of course iniisip pa din namin ang sake ni baby as always. :)

    mami, hindi lang ako ang iiyak pag ganun kasi hindi ko na lang bulsa yun. ang pera ko ay pera mo na din. pero gaya nga ng sabi ninyo, He will provide and in that i do believe. :)

  4. It's good to know the breastfeeding sya, at least kabawasan na kaagad sa budget yun. God is really good.

  5. Hanef naman sa gastusan. Isa-shopping ko na lang yan. Baog ako! Hahaha! Kaming tatlo ni Cher and Tin. Hehe.

  6. mami tiks, yup, sha mismo nag-decide ayaw na nya ng bottle nya. God is good talaga! :)

    mayet, adik ka! hahaha. wag ka magsalita nang ganyan, you never know you know! :p

  7. Si Cher and Tin sure na sure na baog sila. Hehe.

  8. @ Mayet - pano niyo nalaman??? wahaha! mga adik talaga kayo!

  9. Nararamdaman daw nila, ako naman eh ayokong subukan, baka hindi eh. Hahaha!

  10. hahahahaha! subukan mo muna! hahahaha! :)))

  11. hi mei and mon,
    we decided to stop giving coco vaccines until he's two because (1) i also read about the autism, etc. and i'm scared of it, (2) i read about a barrier in the brain not being fully developed until a child turns 2 - relate sa unang rason, (3) some vaccines have been found to contain lead, mercury and other harmful stuff, (4) i want coco to develop and strengthen his immune system naturally, and (5) being vaccinated is no assurance he will be immune to the disease.

    these are our reasons ha and i'm sure some people will be raising eyebrows. different strokes for different folks. this is us and it's an informed choice for us. =)

  12. nga pala, inis pa rin ako sa sarili ko sa rota shot na yun. really really supppppperrrrrrrrrr praying walang epekto yung porcine ekek strain kay coco.

    my faith in mainstream medicine is at low because of a personal experience years back and vaccine is a billions of dollar industry kaya i don't want to believe agad pag sinabi nilang the contaminant is safe. hay.

  13. natawa naman ako na si daddy ay umiiyak na. :)

  14. uy, chex, you mean may basis ang theory ko? as in naiisip ko lang yun dati, wah! penge namang links if any, i wanna read about vaccines too. thanks in advance! :)

    tintin, hey! back to blogspot na ba? :)
    di na daw iiyak si mon, trust na kami na God will provide for all our needs. :)