Monday, June 13, 2011

blog me for a reason

I have been blogging since late 2004. Mostly as an outlet for my thoughts and opinions that, due to the nature of my work then, I couldn't just share with my friends. Since then, I have blogged about my daily drama, trips, rants and what nots - all to practice my right to freedom of expression.

Now, I started this blog for a different reason. These past two days I have been reading blogs of mommies who wrote about their experiences during pregnancy, one even wrote (thru an assistant) updates while giving birth, and others wrote of their struggles and joys in taking care of their baby. Reading all of them inspired me to chronicle my own journey as well. And so, I write to:

- Remember. No better way to preserve the memories of motherhood's joys than to put them down in writing, err, blogging with pictures to boot.

- Inform. Much of my friends are single ladies who, I believe, are soon going down the same path that I am treading. My own experiences could probably help them in one way or another, so I might as well share what I can.

- Encourage. The married life and motherhood are very challenging roles. My own journey has been filled with struggles and trials, some of which I wasn't really prepared for. Reading other mommies' blogs made me realize that I was not alone in them and that the things I went through were not unique, but rather a shared experience. Thus I drew strength from how these other women bravely faced and overcame each challenge they encountered. I hope to be an encouragement to future moms out there, too.

Though I do not claim to know all about motherhood -- I am a newbie mom myself! -- I hope that through this blog, I would be able to reach out to new moms like me, and if necessary, connect them to those who are able to give them the support and help that they need.


  1. Welcome back to Blogger! Hehe. I'm also reading Topaz Mommy. Bagay sayo talaga yan kasi pareho kayong first time mom. Hehe. Eto na ba yung blog na sinasabi ko na journey ni Yohann? Dapat nung buntis ka pa nag-start. Hahaha!

  2. favorite ko yan si Topaz Mommy, pinaka super relate ako sa kanya. hehe.

    yup, eto na nga, late bloomer ako! hahaha. katamad kasi nung buntis pa ko, ngayon mas keri kio na :p

  3. Bawi ka na lang, limang post per day! Hahaha!

  4. wahaha! dalawa lang kaya ko! pag tulog ang bebe sa umaga tapos sa gabi :D