Monday, June 13, 2011

blogging you is easy 'cos you're beautiful...

Here I am again with a new blog. This time, I'm dedicating this site to my experiences as a first-time mom to Yohann. So expect a lot of anecdotes, rants, praise items, and yes, pictures of the little boy. :D

Hi, I'm Raphael Yohann and I'm Mommy's little boy! :)

As I write this, Yohann is sleeping cradled in my left arm. He's 2 months and 10 days old today and growing up way too fast! Maybe if I take time to write it all down, how he's growing and learning, maybe I could slow them down a bit. Definitely, it would help me remember the joy of being a mom for the first time.

Join me as I chronicle my new calling in life. :)

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