Monday, July 25, 2011

boys and girls

Yohann had his first playdate with our neighbor's baby girl, J, last week. For a couple of days, we visited each other's homes and let the two babies interact with each other. It was fun watching them - they would smile and coo at each other, and they would even reach out and touch each other's faces. Cute!

chubby legs!

holding hands :D
 However, watching them together made me compare how different my little boy is from baby girl J. Baby J is such a quiet baby. She barely makes a sound when crying. She doesn't complain much when she's in her stroller or when carried for a long period of time. She is not as malikot as Yohann is. In short, she is a sweet, demure and quiet baby girl.

Yohann as you can see is quite the opposite. He's not such a cry baby, but when he cries, you can tell he has a pair of powerful lungs! Lol. Even when not crying, the sounds he makes are really audible, from upstairs all the way down to our doorstep. He squeals, he screams, he snorts. And he makes sure that he's heard :p He's very active, and his movements are very forceful. He swats at his toys with such force that they sometimes fall off. I've been hit by his tiny arm several times and I can tell you it hurts. He kicks like a football player wannabe. He spends a lot of time during the day performing his favorite exercise of kicking and flailing his arms at the same time, as if he was swimming or biking. He does that for several minutes at a time, after which he sweats like crazy, this silly little boy :D He easily gets bored with whatever it is that he's doing, but he loves being talked to. He's such an active little boy that when I carry him, I usually perspire like I did an hour of cardio exercises.

I just realized that baby boys are a bit harder to take care of than baby girls. Anyway, I'm not complaining, I just stated my observation. At least, if and when God wills that we'll have a baby girl next, then it'll be easier for  me, not only because it will be my second time with a baby but also because I've managed to take care of a baby boy and survived :p

Wish me luck for when Yohann reaches the age of the terrible twos! Haha.


  1. naaalala ko yung mga cabbage patch kids! hihi. yung buhok kasi. :P

  2. may nakita kaming outfit ng cabbage patch sinuot namin ke bebe, kaso puro flowers! haha. kaya walang picture :p

  3. Goodluck...kayang kaya yan :) nakakatuwa sila kahit malikot :)

  4. hihi, thanks jas! tama, kahit naman makukulit at nakakapagod nakakatuwa sila. isang hagikgik lang nakakatanggal na pagod :)