Monday, July 11, 2011

tough love

Before Yohann turned 2 months old, he already refused to drink milk from his bottle. I had to mix-feed him a few days after birth as my milk wasn't enough to satisfy his hunger then. When my milk supply increased, I did direct feeding, no more formula or bottle. Now that he's 3 months old, I'm teaching him again to drink from his bottle. I need to be away from home some days and would leave him milk, but he would refuse to drink from his bottle.

Last Friday after coming home from an errand, I was told he refused to take his bottle and had to be fed with a dropper. How tiring is that?! So I immediately got him a bottle of milk and started to pep talk him into drinking it. At first he would take it in his tiny mouth, lick a little, and then push it out with his tongue. So I would offer it to him again. And he would react in the same manner. Repeat this five times and he would end up in a crying fit. After that I gave up and just fed him.

This morning I needed to go out, so last night we did the same routine, trying to get him to feed from his bottle, with little success. Because of that, plus his early morning tantrums today, I wasn't able to leave. I decided that today we will practice some more until he gets used to his bottle.

The whole morning I refused to feed him. We tried having his grandma give him the bottle, but he refused it. Afterwards I tried too. Again, he refused, and turned toward my chest, but I also refused to give it to him. Much crying came after that. Whenever he would calm down and turn quiet I would give him the bottle again. He would play with it a little, then cry. When he got tired of it, he just slept without eating. Mon was already teasing us, saying we were both sticking to what we want and not letting the other get what he wants. Lol. I vowed I wouldn't give in to his crying, he'd better learn to do this or else go hungry whenever I need to go out without him. I had to teach him to do it no matter what; this was tough love, I told myself.

Six hours later Yohann had already downed 3 ounces, little by little, with many tears and fussing. I was satisfied enough with that and so I made him go to sleep and gave him my breast to feed on as a reward. After he woke up, I gave his bottle again and - lo and behold! He doesn't like it again! Hahaha!


  1. That's why I salute those full time mom who easily give up their career. Pero for the better future of the kids we really just can't.

  2. i'm actually having second thoughts of going back to work in the near future dahil nga sa dilemma kong ito with Yohann... ang hirap kasi once nasimulan mo nang hands-on ka. pero still, working mamas are to be lauded din dahil alam naman natin we moms just want to give our kids the best :)

  3. I can't imagine me as a mother. Knowing me, papatulan ko if ever yung anak ko kahit baby pa tapos baka control freak ako at di na siya makagalaw dahil ayokong kumilos ng kumilos o madumihan. Waaaah!

    Truly, yung pagiging nanay eh isang bonggacious job. Not for everyone. TOUGH!

  4. hahaha! kawawa ang anak mo! pero hindi, magbabago rin yan pag may anak ka na, pramis. try it to believe it! hahaha.

    ako rin minsan gusto ko na patulan si yohann, kaya lang naaawa din agad ako haha. shempre anong malay niya kungdi mag-iiyak diba? :p

    sabi nga ni Mader P, when a child is born, a mother is born too. kaya kahit parang mahirap ma-imagine ang sarili mo na isang nanay, lalabas at lalabas din yan sayo pag may baby ka na :)

  5. Ayoko pa rin. Nai-imagine ko na, naaawa na ako sa bata. Pinsan ko nga di makagalaw saken, ayoko kasi ng naglilikot. Hahahaha! Waaaah! Kaya hiram na lang para pag umiyak na, balik sa nanay niya. Hehe. Work from home ka na lang para kasama pa rin kayo ni Yohann.

  6. ayaw mo ng naglilikot? aba'y dapat suotan mo ng straight jacket anak mo! hahaha! ma-try nga minsan yun :p

    ayoko na nga magwork.. may offers na home-based pero hirap pa din ako. paglaki pa nang onti na lang ni Yohann.

  7. mei, when he's into solids na you'll have more time for yourself ;) sa case namin ni coco 11mo na sya nung matagal talaga ako nawala. as in 7hrs para may asikasuhin. buti naging ok naman. ngayon mejo masmadalas na ko nakakalayas para rumaket ;) btw, i don't leave him any bmilk pag umaalis para enforced ang solids sa diet nya. =)

    on the matter at hand, try mo cup feeding.

  8. na-try na namin cup feeding, hindi namin kaya kay yohann, ang likot niya! haha.

    yung last time na umalis ako 6 hours ako wala, di talaga sha nagmilk. grabe. mukang hindi na muna kami pwede maghiwalay :p