Thursday, July 14, 2011


Tonight's another milestone for the little boy. He's been turning to his side for several weeks now, and I've been dutifully turning him on his tummy for exercise. This evening I set Yohann down on the mat to play. Not long after, he turned to his side and was staring at his pillow. A little later and he was trying to roll onto his tummy. I immediately got the digicam and documented it.

see my tiny ninja?

kicking like crazy!

I can do this!

I can, I can, I can!!!

Almost there!

His first attempt was almost but not quite successful. He was already on his tummy, had already pulled his arm from under him when poof! He bounced right back on his back! Hahaha. Second attempt was a bit better. He was able to prop himself on his tummy for maybe two seconds. After that he rolled to his back again. But he did it! Yay!

After his rolling exercise, he cried for milk and immediately fell asleep. Poor kid was tired from all the kicking and turning he did :p

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