Thursday, August 4, 2011

100 and 22 days

*Forgot to post it last night :p
- - - - - -

Today you are 100 and 22 days old, bebe Yo!

your cookie cake

Mommy's so proud of how you've grown. I'm amazed at how fast you're learning. Everyday, I look forward to seeing your new antics. Everyday, new aspects of your personality unfold, and I'm loving every bit of you.

May your curiosity never cease, your giggles keep on coming, and your smiles be ever so sweet.

big boy!

Happy fourth month, Yohann! Daddy and I love you very much. And Jesus loves you even more.


  1. Parang bukas 14 years old na si Yohann! Bakit ambilis lumaki niyan? Waaah!

  2. ewan ko ba dito, siguro kasi sakin lang sya nagmi-milk, pero puro kape naman iniinom ko! hahaha. uy, hindi ah, decaf na lang ako. chaka madaming kanin, gulay, isda, karne, chocnut, haha.

    sa oct 22 ahhhhh? :D

  3. ayun! na-accept din comment mo! hehe. thanks sistah :)