Thursday, November 24, 2011

Picky eater...Not!

Yohann's been eating solids since the second half of his fifth month. His pedia gave the go signal to start solids when he turned 5 months, but I was hesitant since I knew that according to the World Health  Organization, 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding is the optimal way of feeding infants. But every mealtime and I would be carrying Yohann with me, he would already pull my plate or make chewing motions whenever he sees or even smells food. I figured that he was already into his 6th month anyway and was already very active and energetic, the solids would probably do him good.

he likes to eat with his ceramic spoon :p

I first gave him mashed potato. I cooked it myself and added breast milk to make it easier for him to chew. My pedia's advice was to give him a couple of teaspoons per feeding, but Yohann always found it bitin. So I think I fed him a couple of tablespoons on his first try :p He ate potatoes for 3 days, and after that I fed him squash (kalabasa). He liked it too! This is currently his all-time favorite food, as he would eat and eat without showing signs of being full. I just have to give up and stop feeding him or we stop when he's eaten an entire serving already. Since then, he's eaten bananas, mangoes, oranges, applesauce (which I made), sweet potatoes, sayote, carrots, cantaloupe, okra, eggplant,  fish, some pork, arroz caldo and chicken liver. Yes, chicken liver! And he also loves my sinigang. Hehe. I've also given him Cerelac on days when I had no time to cook his food, or when I ran out of veggies or fruits for him. But mostly, I feed him home-cooked baby food.

When I fed him chicken liver, it was funny how he wanted to throw up after tasting it. I was watching him closely, knowing how babies generally dislike its taste. When he looked like he might throw up, I offered him water at once. He drank, and when I offered him some more chicken liver, he still opened his mouth to eat. He was able to finish at least two tablespoons of chicken liver even if he obviously didn't like it :p The last time we ate chopsuey, he already likes chicken liver and no longer gags on it. Good boy! Most of the time too, whenever we are eating, he would be in his walker and running around, passing by my side and demanding to be fed again. I would give him some rice and bits of whatever it is we're eating as long as I know it doesn't have anything that might upset his wee tummy. I've let him taste lechon paksiw, spaghetti, adobo. He mostly likes rice, as it gives him something to chew on. He's tasted spices like pepper and he doesn't seem a bit turned off by it.

I would often tease his dad that the day Yohann eats ampalaya is the day he also begins to eat veggies. Daddy's a picky eater and the little boy has to learn by example that all veggies are good for the body and are to be eaten. When that day comes, I'll be the happiest mommy (and wife!) on earth. :D


  1. "I would often tease his dad that the day Yohann eats ampalaya is the day he also begins to eat veggies."

    BWAHAHAHA. Sana magkatotoo yan. Papainom ako!

  2. chicken liver?!?! pinapakain mo si yohann ng chicken liver?!

  3. daig pa ako ni yohann, kumakain ng okra. :P

  4. Abet, haha, pag ito kumain ng ampalaya malapit nang dumating si Lord!!! lol!

    Tin-tin, wahaha, bakit parang gulat na gulat ka? :p masustansiya ang atay, iron-rich yon! :p

    Tin, kasi mashed na at nakahalo sa kanin na may sabaw ng sinigang kaya wala na shang choice kundi kainin :p

  5. Hahaha tama pakainin mo si yohann ng veggies para di maging like me! Hahaha.

  6. sistah di ka kumakain ng veggies?! naku, dapat naging anak kita! pakakainin kita ng pakbet everyday! wahaha!

  7. hahahahahaha! yun lang... <-- reaction sa last paragraph. :P