Tuesday, November 8, 2011

bebe gurl

We're going to have another baby in the family, and the little bead's a girl!!!

I can't wait to see little Julianna. I've been pep-talking her momma into breastfeeding and I'm already preparing to stock up on my own milk in case she'd have a hard time producing milk initially (just like me). Hehe. Excited much! She'll be due in a couple of weeks, God willing, and we're all praying for a safe and quick delivery. :)

- - - - - -

A couple of weeks ago while watching tv after dinner, I suddenly thought of Yohann's future little sister. I've been thinking a lot about when we're going to be ready for another munchkin and I definitely am praying for a girl. I told the hubs that I kinda like the name Yvanne (Eee-vann) for her, and would he please look up the name's meaning in the net. He did, and we found out that it's derived from Yvanna which means 'God is gracious' in Hebrew. Me likey! Anyway, he read up some more names beginning with Y and when he said 'Yelena (Yee-lay-na)' I had a eureka moment. Lol. I like it too! I know it means 'light', 'bright one' or 'shining one.' Now, since we have this thing for initials being uniform -- daddy's initials are RYL so Yohann's first name is Raphael -- I told the hubby to think of a first name beginning with R that would go well with Yelena. He scrolled through the R-names for baby girls but nothing sounded quite right. We eventually got distracted from our name-finding and returned to watching tv. 

Several minutes later, hubby went to the toilet for a few minutes and, upon coming out, had this silly smile on his face. He was almost laughing and I knew he'd been thinking of an R-name while doing his thing. He proudly announced, "I have the perfect R-name that will match Yelena!" I asked, "What?" And he replied, "Reina. Reina Yelena!"



  1. Bwahahaha! Hanef! Sa banyo talaga dumating yung idea kay Mon ha! Nag-isip ng malalim???

    Akala ko naman jontis ka ulet!

  2. habang nagmi-meeting sila ni mayor! hahaha!

    hindi ako jontis! 3 years pa! tapos ninang ka na talaga! hahaha!

  3. ROFL!!! Anubeh mare, hagalpak ako sa tawa e mag-aalas-tres na ng umaga!!! :D

  4. haha! baka hindi ako patawarin ng anak ko pag pinangalanan ko shang Reina Yelena, sa tingin mo mars? :p

  5. Akala ko naman ikaw :p


    Yelena Rose Gayda
    Yvonne Rhianna

    sakit na ng ulo ko.

  6. celebrity naman ang peg mo! :p

    naku, di ako yan no. maliit pa mashado ang yohann para maging kuya :p

  7. Kapag yan pangalan nya mars, pihado lagi syang kasali sa Santacruzan! At magiging favorite siya ng mga teachers nya kse napaka-witty ng name nya! Hehehe... Dapat ninang ako niyan ha. :D

  8. magastos sa gown itong batang ito kung sakali! wahaha. star of the santacruzan lang ang drama niya :p oo mars, ninang ka na ni future bebe RY :D

  9. saktong sakto ang reina! hahahaha ;)

  10. baka lang itakwil ako ng anak ko kung sakali man. hahaha!