Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Day!

October 22 was a happy day!

It was our first wedding anniversary.

I married the best man :)

And it was Yohann's Dedication Day!

thank You, Lord, for Yohann!
We had family and friends with us.

We've never been comfortable hosting an event with a crowd of more than 30 people, but somehow we managed to pull it off. We were happy though to see all of our closest friends and relatives all in one place.

I don't know when we'd get to see all of them again, but the fun we had was enough to last me some more months. Hehe. I wish some who didn't make it were present to celebrate with us. Di bale, next time na lang, that is if we decide to throw another celebration this big. The little boy was too overwhelmed he got sick the following day :p But all in all, it was still a day worth remembering.

Oh, happy day! :)

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