Sunday, December 4, 2011


Yohann turned 8 months yesterday, yay!!!

Tignan niyo naman kung gano sha kasaya:


Hehe. He's really a happy baby and it's not hard to make him laugh and smile. Yun lang, kahit sinasaway ko na sha at pinagsasabihan, he'd just laugh or smile at me! Anubeh! :p

This will be his first Christmas and I already got him his Christmas outfit, hihi. And to complete his outfit, we got him this head band.

I'm a reindeer!

A few more months and the little munchkin will already be a year old... hay, di na sha baby! Ngayon pa lang his cousins are already saying he looks and acts like a toddler already. Which kinda makes me sad coz I'd love for him to be a baby for a long time pa sana, but of course that's not possible. He will always keep growing no matter how I want him to be a baby forever. :p

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