Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my new best friend none other than Yohann's walker! :p

my new best friend :p

The first time he tried it when we were buying him one, he could only move backwards. But when we got home and sat him on his own walker, he immediately took to it like a duck to pond :p

lovin' his new ride :)

He walks from the living area to the dining area, banging on chairs, the fridge and everything else in between. When he gets too excited he first hops on both feet and then makes a run for whatever it is he's coming for. He loves the new sense of freedom his walker has given him. And I love that it's given me back my hands! Haha!

Yohann's play area

Before the walker happened, I always had my hands full with the little boy. I could not go the bathroom, or do chores unless he was sleeping soundly. I could not even cook even when he's sleeping soundly as the noise I make while preparing food would awaken him. My hands were literally tied to him. When I'm not carrying him, we would be playing in his play area (a mattress we set up on the living room floor where he could crawl, play and nap) and I still could not leave him even for a second. He crawls so fast he'd be banging his head on the floor or mouthing any object he gets his hands on when I'm not looking.

exploring every corner of the house

waiting for the pussy cat to come

That was life before the walker; now, life is simpler and easier. I can prepare meals while he runs around the room. I can go to the bathroom anytime I need to. He can watch his pussycat friend from the open screen door without me having to carry him. I can even do the laundry while he watches. We are both enjoying the freedom of mobility while still enjoying each other's company.

Thank God for whoever invented the walker! :D

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