Monday, April 23, 2012

First haircut and party all day!

Yesterday was a very busy day for little Yow. It was his niece Juliana's Dedication Day, our cousins' 27th wedding anniversary celebration, plus we scheduled his first salon appointment to get his first ever hair cut! Check out his new look!

mohawk :p

The past weeks have seen the highest temperatures in the Metro ever, and our boy's been sweating like crazy. Having long hair myself, I can imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for Yohann to have such lush hair with the kind of weather we've been having. I grudgingly agreed with the hubby that it would be best to have his hair trimmed now more than ever.

So we decided to drop by at Cuts 4 Tots at Megamall before proceeding to Juliana's dedication at Dad's. Immediately after entering Cuts 4 Tots, Yohann got on the floor to play with the toys scattered at the waiting area. There were several kids already having their haircut, but most of them were maybe 3 years old and above. Only one boy cried, and I thought it was because he was already aware of scissors and was probably afraid of them. When Yohann's name was called, we immediately seated him on the barber's chair - a toy car. He liked it, and placed his hands on the steering wheel, mimicking the driving act. He was also looking at the tv screen in front of him and watching from time to time.

The kiddie hair stylist assigned to him finally came, and started working on his hair. First few minutes, the boy was still quietly watching and playing. Slowly he became aware that something was happening to his hair, he would reach up and touch his hair. When the time came for the razor to come near his head, he freaked out! Oh my goodness, he freaked out!

And so did Mommy, actually. He cried and cried, pulled away the hands holding his head, squirming his way to the floor. I held on to him, carried him and tried to pacify him while the hair stylist tried to quickly finish his cut. He was inconsolable. He was really freaking out, and I was getting worried that this whole thing was already too traumatic for my little boy. I was hugging him and whispering to him, trying to calm him down, while daddy tried to show him toys to play with but all to no avail. He was screaming, wanting everything to stop right then. Those were probably the longest - what, ten, thirty minutes? - of our life. When the haircut was finally finished, it still took us some time to get him dressed up, calmed down, and out of there. I already swore to myself that this won't happen again, that this wasn't such a good idea...I should have waited til Yohann was already familiar with scissors and razors, etc. Anyway, we finally got that haircut over and done with, thank God.

poor little boy, all cried up
at Juliana's Dedication

He was (understandably) in a bad mood after, and we still had Juliana's party to attend. Everybody was greeting him and noticing his new haircut, but he wasn't smiling at anybody. Good thing though, that he liked the food at Dad's merienda buffet, and there were kids to play with there. He got over his bad mood quickly and was running and playing around in no time. That's my boy! :)

partying at Centerstage

The little boy's day didn't end there yet. Come 7 pm, we were at Centerstage in Timog for multiple celebrations - a wedding anniversary, birthday, and send-off for our balikbayan cousins. With only two short naps to boost his energy, it was a wonder that Yohann and niece Juliana (who's only four months) stayed up and partied with the adults. We reached home at 1 am, exactly 12 hours after we left home for the day's events. Wow, Yohann's social life is surely taking off! :)


  1. Wow. His hair was LONG! Good job cutting it :)

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  2. it was, and I already trimmed it myself twice before this salon appointment :D

    i think i'm too late for the contest, nice blog thou. :)