Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Bookworm

If there's one object I want Yohann to grow up loving more than anything, it's books. I want him to be a voracious, passionate, enthusiastic reader.

I can't remember how young I was when I was first exposed to books, but I know that during my grade school years I learned to love the World Book Encyclopedia and Dictionary, the Childcraft volumes, Nancy Drew and  the Hardy Boys. I even looked forward to new issues of Funny Comics, and read Marie Claire magazines that my sisters brought home. I simply loved to read, I still do. And I would be very happy if Yohann would love reading as much as I do.

his first books from Lola P

It was Lola Polly who first gave him books when he was only 3 months old. He was instantly attracted to their colorful pages. He loved looking at them, but that was it. I would read to him and he would listen quietly.

A few months later he developed a new enjoyment out of books and magazines - tearing the pages and crumpling them into a ball. Some of his books and lots of my magazines suffered from his new-found passion :p

It wasn't until he was about 9 months when he first learned to open a book and thumb through its pages. I was preparing his meal when I dumped a book on his table and was pleasantly surprised when I finished cooking without the little boy making a fuss and crying for me. He was busy looking at the drawings on this book:

his fave "The Cow That Went Oink"

That was his first favorite book, by the way, "The Cow That Went Oink." He loved looking at the pictures of cows and pigs. Later on I realized he began to recognize the stone cows in the park nearby because of this book.

Here's another picture of him intently "reading" a book. Look at the title, I guess he's realizing that mommy's having a hard time juggling him with her chores. Haha.

serious. shhhh, don't disturb.

So when Yohann's birthday came up, I tweeted that my wishlist for his presents included books, kiddie books! I just read a mommy blog that week and learned about the importance of exposing kids to books as early as possible. Imagine my joy when he got these:

"All mine, mommy? All mine?!"

See the smile on his face? Even Yohann loved his new books! We read them one at a time, with me bringing out the toddler-friendly books first before letting him have the others, which are more appropriate for when he's three or four. He has favorites already, and I bring them with us when we sleep-over at his Lola's house so I'll have something to give him when he's restless and longing for home. 

There are times during the day when the little boy is playing with his toys (read: flinging them away, bashing them against the wall or floor) and times when all would suddenly turn quiet and I would find him sitting in one corner, busy "reading." Those moments never fail to bring a smile to my face. 

reading his "Lulla-Bible"

I guess my wish for him to be a voracious reader is coming to pass little by little. I'll just have to surround him with more books (NTS: get him the Dr. Seuss books!) and diligently read to him everyday. Which reminds me, Lola has promised to give their Childcraft set to whoever would love to read them. I gotta get us a new bookshelf soon! :)


  1. keep it up yo! :)

    mei, inggit ako! you'll be getting a childcraft set. nauna magkaanak si kuya kaya sa kanya napamana yung childcraft namin noon. i inquired for a b/new set kaso di ko keri ang price. after reading your post, napahanap ako sa sulit ng used complete set. hehehe :)

    napangiti ako when i saw a brown bear brown bear sa gifts for yo. si eric carle ang unang author na nasambit ni little boy namin. i always read the book's author and illustrator kaya nung isang araw, nagulat ako when LC said "eee kal." ekal sya ng ekal matapos ko basahin yung title ng book (na hindi naman by eric carle). it took a while before i realized eric carle pala sinasabi nya! hahaha. wala lang. sharing lang ;)

    when yohann's got the hang of being read to, goodluck sa reading "marathons" and demands ;)

  2. Ipapamana daw ni Mama kay Yow pag nahilig sa pagbasa :) tuwa nga ako to see may childcraft din sila mon, yung sa kin kasi dati in-edit ng mga pamangkin ko - kinulayan, sinulatan, binawasan ng pages! haaay :p

    Isa sa faves ni Yohann yung Brown Bear book niya, aliw sha sa colors and repetition. Kaaliw naman si LC, Eeeeekal! hahaha! ang cute!

    Ay nako,ngayon pa lang demanding na to, pag umaga kasi nauuna sha magising, nilalagay ko sa tabi niya yung isang book para maglaro muna mag-isa at nakaw pa ko ng konting tulog. Tinutuktok niya sa kamay ko tapos pinipilit niya ko hawakan, ibig sabihin basa na daw kami :D