Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello, blog. It's been a while. 13 months to be exact. So much has changed, and so much have happened that were post-worthy, but I just got so busy and lazy and forgetful to blog about them.

The little boy is now two, already babbling, already tall and naughty. He learned to walk on his own at 13 months, and now he's starting to express himself with strings of words, albeit slowly. His favorite words are Mommy, Daddy, dede, water (wadow), nymnyum (anything edible), car (cawww), and 'anin' (kanin -rice, meaning eat!).  He knows a lot of words already, although i can't be sure how many because sometimes he just blurts a word out of the blue when he sees something. Like the time he saw a live horse, and he called it a 'huuus'. Or when he saw a giant pig and he said 'pik!' And when we went swimming and he excitedly ran to the 'ful'. Lol. Like any toddler he's full of life, full of energy - overflowing even - and Mommy's having a hard time catching up. Lol.

Yesterday, though, the little boy gave me a fright. We were in bed and I was making him nap. He fussed so much, stood on the bed and walked all over. I called his attention lots of times and made him come back to his place beside me. At one point, he walked over to where I was, and next thing I knew, he was falling head first on the floor! I thought I heard a loud crack, and nearly fainted. I immediately stood up over him - he was lying in the floor without moving for a second or two - and carefully picked him up, bracing myself for the possibility of blood *dizzy*. My scream and the thud agitated his daddy who was downstairs at the time. He ran up the stairs to see what happened.

I finally held Yow and checked his head. No blood, thank God. The cracking sound was from the tile with a hollowed base. I was so scared I started to scold the little boy. That's how I am when I'm nervous, I start to get mad! I know, I know. Bad momma.

He was crying, obviously shaken and hurt too. So I got some ice, wrapped it in a towel and placed it where a small bump on his head was forming. I kept him awake and forgot about getting him to take a nap. I know that's a no-no when accidents like this happen.

I'm just so thankful that the little boy's angel seemed to have been at work again. I know the fall was really bad - he was standing up on the bed and fell head first - but the bump was not as big as I expected. He didn't feel tired or lethargic or sleepy after, and was back to his hyper self after I removed the cold compress. I'll be observing him still and will be looking out for possible after-effects. But I'm crossing my fingers and praying that nothing bad will come out of it.

 Hay. The life of a toddler's mom!

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