Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anytime, Anywhere

When I decided to breastfeed Yohann, it didn't hit me yet that this would mean I would breastfeed the little boy outside of home. I guess it was because we were cooped inside our home most of the time, as I was also recovering strength after giving birth via CS. But when he turned three months and still refused to drink even expressed milk from a bottle, it was either I just give up going out of our house until he's weaned, or muster the courage needed to feed him anytime, anywhere!

Initially, I had reservations with breastfeeding in public. First off, I didn't want to show even just a hint of skin in front of people I didn't know. Also, I understand that some people are offended with even a little breast exposure in public places. But my reservations slowly disappeared with every trip to the mall with the little boy. The first time we brought him to the mall, he immediately cried for milk even before we were supposed to eat. So there I was in some restaurant table, feeding Yohann with just a cloth diaper for cover. I felt a bit uneasy that first time, but then again the baby's needs are more important than my uneasiness.

Several trips to the mall later, I've learned to dress up in such a way that feeding Yohann in public would be easier and comfortable for both of us. I've decided against a nursing cover as I feel that this would only attract more attention and would be more uncomfortable for Yohann. And, knowing him, I bet he'd only try to break free of the cover and forget about feeding altogether. 

So far, so good. We've been breastfeeding at restaurants, in front of our neighbor's house, in our pedia's clinic, at the SSS Marikina office, in church, right in the middle of the men's shoes department, in front of friends and strangers alike. I have gotten over my initial shyness and already feel no shame whenever I offer my milk to the little boy. After all, these breasts are made to nourish and shame be on anyone who would take offense at seeing an act of pure love and nurturing. I am a breastfeeding momma, and proud of it. :)  

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