Monday, September 5, 2011

5 months and counting

Just some updates lest the cobwebs start appearing on my blog :p

The little boy turned 5 months a couple of days ago! Yay! What do you know, he's getting to be quite a handful, not yet crawling but already able to propel himself around when on his tummy by kicking like crazy! I wake up most mornings to find him at waist level, and if I get to be such a heavy sleeper I'm afraid one day I'll just find him on our bedroom floor. To avoid this from happening I just put a pillow beneath him and rest my leg on it, so I'll feel it whenever he's pushed the pillow away.

love this boy with the crazy hair!
Since he's already grown longer, he's lost a bit of his massiveness (lol) and is even more active than he was previously. He likes to jump a lot, often tries to squirm out of our grip wanting to go down on the floor. I'm already contemplating on getting him a walker since he has sooooo much energy, maybe the walking will help him calm down a bit :p But that's still pending, anyway he'll be 6 months soon and maybe that would be the perfect time to let him try walking.

doing his jumping jacks :p
Soon I'll be giving him his first taste of food, and I'm already thinking of what to prepare for him. I'd like to feed him baby food that I'll make myself, and my ultimate dream is to see him enjoying his ampalaya meal :D That will come in a few more weeks, so for the meantime I'll be searching and researching on how and what to feed the little boy. Wish me luck on this. :)

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