Monday, September 26, 2011

Precious Moments

Yohann had his first studio shoot last Saturday at The Picture Company in their Podium branch. We've been thinking of using a gift check for one photo session with them, and last Saturday was the best time for that.

candid shot of dad and bebe haha

Before the shoot even started, I was already thinking of what we could get to keep aside from the single printout included in our GC. Once the photographer started clicking away on her camera, I knew I'd be having a hard time deciding which shot to choose for the printout. Yohann was made to wear three costumes and he had a blast posing for the camera! Each of the three sets produced several cute shots. By the time we were already viewing the files, I was already going crazy, I couldn't choose a single one to print. I wanted them all! Wah!

When I asked about getting a copy of the hi-resolution files, Andy our photographer pointed to a package which would give us access to about 10 files, which would cost a total of our house rent plus several bills for a whole month. Wahaha! So we just opted to avail of their trial package which would entitle us to four more 8x10 printouts (but no hi-res files, *sigh*).

tired and sleepy after his first photo shoot :p

After the photo shoot, hubby and I had been teasing each other about our gastos. Being a couple of practical persons, we normally would not shell out such amounts for things other than those that we really need. We both are simple people with simple wants and simple desires, but when it comes to the little boy we can go beyond our simple ways especially for things that we believe will be a consistent source of joy to both of us. Yohann's photo shoot was definitely a happy experience we would want to remember for a long time. Will share the pics once they're here! :)


  1. parang walang katao-tao sa podium. hihi.

    can't wait to see the pichuuurs!

  2. yup, ang konti ng tao, karamihan asa mga restaurants kasi lunch time kami nandon. hehe.

    ako diiiiin! pinapa-follow up ko na nga kay mon everyday eh. haha.

  3. ang cute ni yohann!!! :)


  4. thanks jas! see you soon! :)