Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been having an extra hard time taking care of Yohann these past two weeks. For some reason, the little boy has become a little crankier and fussier. A lot of times he would cry and fuss and wouldn't be consoled, and would only want Mommy to hold him.

always chewing on something

And then, for several nights now, he would cry in his sleep, ignoring my offers to feed and pacify him. I would have to get up and carry him at odd hours - 1 am, 2 am, 3 am - in order to make him stop crying. This has been very difficult for me as he still wakes up at 7:30 or 8 am, after at least 10 hours of sleep, while I barely get to sleep for 3 hours straight. I find this very tough to adjust to since has already been sleeping through the night since he turned 2 months.


During the day, he demands more attention from us, wants to always have something to gnaw on, and has poor appetite. He's lost a bit of weight - something that has bothered me no end! He's even more active now, jumping up and down and kicking tirelessly, and I would assume he would want to eat more. But he doesn't. And he's got this new habit of pulling his ears or his hair in frustration. He's also harder to put to sleep, making a bit of a fuss and crying in frustration before he finally calms down for some shut-eye.

hard to put to sleep

We suspect that he's started teething. So I looked it up in the net, and there you go, all of the above are symptoms of teething indeed. Some articles said it could take a month or two of these symptoms happening before an actual tooth finally pops out. Oh dear. I just hope Yohann would not have such a hard time getting his first munchers out.


  1. sana hindi sya masyadong maselan mag teething... ung iba kc nilalagnat.. i aaron me 2 front teeth na,,, ayun naliligo ng laway heheh

  2. si aaron ba nangayayat din?... dun ako bothered ke yohann eh. sa ngayon wala namang fever, sana di na magkaroon. naliligo din sha sa laway. hehe.