Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my climbing crawling critter

Yohann surprised me again today with a new trick.

We were playing on the mattress in the living room floor when he saw this toy which I placed on the couch on one side of the mattress. He wanted to reach for it, so I stood him up on his feet and placed him against the couch. But when he was already there, he decided he didn't want that toy, but a pack of Giggles wipes which Daddy left. So I took it away from him and placed it on the far end of the couch, knowing he would only put it on his mouth again. Now, Yohann is one determined little boy. If he wants it, he'll find a way to get it.

So he looked at the pack of wipes which I put away, reached for it, realized his arms were too short for it. Imagine my surprise when he pulled one leg up and climbed onto the couch. I thought he was getting a wee bit too ambitious there (lol) and was pleasantly surprised when he actually did it, the little critter just climbed up the couch! His weeks of climbing over me in bed every morning paid off, haha.

To be sure that he really could do it, I set up the digicam on a stool and made him do it again. He did so with little effort and I caught it on video. But instead of uploading the vid, here are some screen shots of the little boy's latest trick ;)

saw the pack of Giggles


Giggles here I come!

crawling fast

Yay! You did it! Mommy's proud!
I guess this means I should be preparing myself for more exciting action around the house ;)

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