Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wanna be blessed?

I was on the way to work this morning, aboard the shuttle, watching the tangled mess of vehicles that's causing the early morning traffic. Imagine at 6:15 am the roads were already congested and cars and vans and jeeps and other motorists were fighting over road space like madmen.

It's a rare occurrence that you'll see a vehicle stop and give way to another overtaking (or sumisingit) vehicle. The rules of the road are, to them, if you see an opening keep going, never stop till you get ahead of them all.

It was while I was looking at that scene of vehicular madness that this small voice whispered to me: when you are presented with the chance to give, you are also given the opportunity to be blessed. 

It may be easy for us to give when times are great, when funds are aplenty, and when things are all going fine and dandy.

But how about when times are hard, the going gets tough, and the funds are dwindling? 

Pano pag traffic na at nagkakaipitan na lahat? Magpaparaya ka pa rin ba?

Pano pag nagmamadali ka na at may sumisingit na sa harap mo? Magpapauna ka pa rin ba?

Pano pag gipit ka na tapos may lumapit na mas gipit pa sayo? Tutulong ka pa rin ba?

That is the acid test.

I believe it is during those moments when it's hardest to give or give way that greater rewards await us. 

Sometimes the rewards are what we expect - financial blessing, material things, etc. But oftentimes they are more than that - not just what we want, but more importantly what we need - healing for when we are sick, encouragement for when we are weak, peace in the midst of conflict, protection from harm and danger, wisdom in difficult situations, a hug when we feel down, surprise gifts and many, many more. Matalino naman kasi si Lord, He knows just what we need at the right time and under the right circumstances. And the best part is, even if we give without expecting for anything in return, it will still be given back to us, in greater measure and greater intensity. Ganun ka-amazing ang ways ni Lord :)


  1. amen!!! =) nakakarelate ako... Minsan mahirap talaga magbigay pag wala ka din, pero pag nakapagbigay ka khit alam mong wala ka, doble yung joy na nararamdaman. =)

  2. hindi naman natin ma-deny na may sakit ka ring mararamdaman pag wala ka na pero kailangan mong magbigay..pero ang masarap don gusto mo pa rin gawin yon kahit mahirap, diba? :)

  3. ang saket sa loob pag may lumalapit sayo na gipit tapos wala ka maitulong dahil gipit ka rin. nangyayari minsan, umuutang ako para may maiabot.

  4. oo nga, lalo na pag alam mong hindi talaga niya gawaing humingi ng tulong pero kailangang-kailangan talaga. pag ganon at di ko kaya magpahiram, kahit anong tulong na lang na kaya pwede naman :)

  5. ganda madermei! :) it also equates to forgiving when you have nothing but resentment. yan ang pinakamahirap. :)

  6. Mards, i agree and i like the message. ^^

  7. yan ang pinakamahirap ateng, mas mahirap pa yan kesa sa magbigay.:p