Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

Pastor Mark made VCF Metroeast's Top 10 in 2010 last Sunday, naisip ko good idea sha to look back and thank God for the year that was. Kaso parang kulang ang 10 eh. Hehe. Pero sige, I'll pick the top 10 lang talaga, the highlights of the year and what I'm most thankful for.

10. Working at Avon. I've been here for a year and a half, and it already feels like home to me. Blessing sa kin tong work na to, because I learned a lot, I gained new friends, and met all kinds of bosses. Nakakaaliw lang. Although I've already decided to resign once I reach my 8th month, I know I'm gonna miss Avon peeps big time. Hay.

9. Travel. Every year for the past 4 years I've made it a point to go to new places that I've never been to before. This year I got to travel to Bondoc Peninsula, Bacolod, CDO, Camiguin, Iligan, Bukidnon for the first time. But the highlight was definitely CDO where we went white-water rafting. At first I thought di ko kayang gawin yon because of my fear of drowning, pero like surfing, I immediately took to it at gusto kong ulit-ulitin pa sana. Kakaibang rush! :)

8.  I quit my 'happiness'.  Hihi. Hirap gawin nito, pero it just happened. As in. When I was struggling to quit it, hirap na hirap ako. But when I totally forgot that I wanted to stop na, that's when it happened. I guess my body knew I was preparing for something 'big' kaya sha na ang kusang umayaw :)

7.  Volunteer work at VCF. Kahit ilang beses ko lang nagawa, happy pa rin ako I was given the chance to serve. Hopefully, mas marami pang opportunities na darating. It's always a joy to give back and to be of help, maliit man o malaking gawain, when done for God  never fails to give a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

6. Renewed and strengthened friendships. This is something I always am grateful for, that every year I get to know who my real friends are, I get to reveal my true self to them, and still they stick with me. Sweet :) Kaya thank you, thank you, Angels, multiply friends, my childhood and Marikina friends, even friends I only met online but feel like so much a part of my life na. Without you all, hindi makulay ang buhay. Para kayong sinabawang gulay. :p

5. Living with Sal and family was another highlight of my year. Thanks to them, I experienced many home-cooked meals care of Mader, the joy of having a bebe at home - si Gabgab, at maraming veranda moments. Hehe. I will never forget those moments sa veranda where we cried, laughed, at nag-moment nang todo todo! Hahaha! Amishuuuu Sal and family! I will forever be grateful to all of you sa pag-ampon niyo sa akin :)

4. A new home. It's only been a few months pero it already feels like home to me, where we are right now. I am enjoying this new life, learning to cook, fend for ourselves, keep the house clean, doing the laundry, etc. I may be alone at home most of the time I'm there, but I guess that's what keeps me going too. I need those alone times when I can recharge, be quiet and just meditate on the latest events of my life. Shempre I enjoy it better when Monmon's home, at least may relyebo sa pagluluto haha! :D

3. My Family. Kahit kulang-kulang na kami, I never feel a lack of love in my family. Though we're not the expressive kind, I just know that we're gonna stick with each other through whatever. They've always been an encouragement to me kahit wala silang gawin, and I love my pamangkins to death. I just know they'll love the youngest member when he's here na :)

2. Close tie for number 2:
Monmon. Hanggang ngayon nagtatanungan pa rin kami nito ng mga paano, bakit, kailan... hahaha. Medyo mabilis ang mga pangyayari I know, pero still I know everthing was according to plan and I am grateful for him. Blessing talaga sha, I couldn't ask for a better man. Better half ko talaga sha :) (yiheeee, kilig yan! :D :D )

and Moymoy. My baby Yohann, kahit na di ko pa sha nakikita face to face at nahahawakan, is already a bundle of blessing and joy :) Just his kicks are enough to make me smile especially on days when I'm too tired or feeling the pains of pregnancy. Parang alam niya when I need cheering up, he would move and move and respond to my voice. Nakakatuwa. I can't wait to hold him though and feel how it's like to have my own bebe right in my arms :)

1.God's faithfulness and love. Every year, He never fails even when I have been unfaithful at times... hands-down, Siya ang best highlight ng 2010 ko. :)

Happy 2011 everyone! Let's celebrate the year with a big offering of thanksgiving and praise, alright? Alright!!!


  1. mars...ur such a blessing to all the people you meet and i'm so thankful that after X years (Algebra ito?) ay parte pa rin tayo ng buhay ng isa't isa....soo excited for you and mon's journey 2geder and hope to meet baby yohann soon! happy new decade!

  2. Awwww... I'm so happy for you, Meimei! Andaming amazing things ang nangyari for most of us this year and I think isa sa pinaka-common is that God has really touched our hearts in one way or another.

    I'm sure 2011 will be even more special kasi Yohann will be here na! All of us ninangs and ninongs will take good care of your little boy. Pagpapraktisan namin sha! Haha. :D Labyu, meimei! I'm happy to have spent some time with you this year. :)

  3. awww, tenchu mars! ako din, i'm blessed with our friendship of many years! bihira ang naaalala ko since grade school haha. salamat din sayo :)

    my new year's wish for you ay matupad lahat ng dreams mo at you get even more than what you ask for because you've a good heart and you deserve it. happy 2011! see ya!

  4. God did really have a lot of surprises in store, at ako naman ay pleasantly surprised :)

    happy new year titin, you can't imagine how happy i am to know you're going through life's best journey...simula pa lang yan, wait there's more ang theme next year! hihi! continue growing in God's grace lang tayo and I'm sure all that our hearts desires will be granted in God's perfect time.

    love you too titin, mwahhhh!!

  5. I am so happy for you. for everything that have happened to you this year. =)

    Thank you din for everything, for letting me be a part of your 2010, sa 2011 ulit.

    Next year will be waaaayyyy better, dahil mommy meimei ka na. =) weeeee.

    And I am sure that you will be blessed more cause you have a good heart.

    God bless you, monmon and yohann.

    Miss you temei! hope to see you more sa 2011.

  6. ikaw talaga yung WOW ng in ang bilis...kapag ibibigay pala sayo pwedeng ganung kabilis...ang galing ni God di ba? :)

  7. thanks also yoyce for the part you played in my 2010..hopefully ako din may naitulong sa 2010 mo. :)

    next year will be different talaga, ninang na kayong lahat! hihi.

    hope to see more of you din in 2011, pero kung hindi naman, walang magbabago, andito pa rin naman ako for you :)

    happy new year yoyce!!!

  8. haha, hindi ko nga naimagine na pwede palang hakutin lahat nang yon in a short span of time :D

    mabait talaga si Lord, and His timing's just perfect. for all of us yan :)

  9. i really am very happy for you sistah! after all that you've been through, you deserve all these blessings :) happy new year!

  10. thanks, thanks sistah!

    madalas iniisip ko what did i do to even deserve them? wala talaga ako maisip eh. hehe. mabait lang talaga si Lord :)

    all the best in 2011 for allof us!

  11. hahaha..we've been asking this question as well:
    Hanggang ngayon nagtatanungan pa rin kami nito ng mga paano, bakit, kailan


  12. odiba sweet? hindi rin naman nasasagot nang matino mga tanong na yon eh. Hihi!

  13. yeah..totoo pla yun noh? may mga questions na di madali sa sagutin. ung walang explanation. basta it just happened.:)