Monday, December 28, 2009

ode to 2009

There are things we regret:

words we wish had gone unsaid...

beginnings that had bitter endings...

chances we threw away...

signs we didn't see...

hearts we hurt needlessly...

and wounds we wish we could mend.

The past can't be rewritten,

but it can make you stronger;

be thankful for every change...

for every heartbreak...

for every scar.

Pages were turned,

bridges were burned,

but you -

you have learned.



  1. *bow* nice one, mei mei! what a year this is. :)

  2. mon and tin, this i got from a text message. summed up my year. sakto. hehe.

  3. sweetie..another year had passed..still we're pretty! hahaha
    thanks for sharing another year with me..
    love much!

  4. hahahaha... naalala ko na naman ang session natin sa 6750... nung pilit kong sinammarize ung 2009 ko... sumakto din ito... hahahaha

    basta kahit anong mangyari, kita kita na lng sa finals... ;)

  5. indeed! ambilis no?

    hihi, prettyness is something that comes out of you, kaya keep being pretty inside! :)

    lablablabyah sweetie! mwah :)

  6. so that means normal pa tayong mga nilalang dahil napagdaanan natin lahat ng mga yan ;)

    see you sa last two minutes! =D